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Company conduct code

A company exists in the relationship with society and the existence of the company itself affects the society. For this reason, a company needs to respond to social request and expectation through the business activities as "a member of society". The ideal situation of business activities for responding to these social requests and carrying out social responsibilities is shown below.

  1. Legal compliance
    We have pride and consciousness as an employee of TOYO ELECTRONICS Co.,LTD and comply with regulations and administrative rules to take action with common sense aiming at the company trusted by society.
  2. Promotion of communications with society
    For the information obtained in and out of company, we spare no pains for "report, communication, consultation" so that it reaches the department that requires it rapidly regardless of good information and negative information.
  3. Coexistence with region
    We ensure the harmony with region as a businessperson who works at the region and participate in the local activities voluntarily to contribute to the local society.
  4. Contribution to environment conservation
    Every employee ensures the elimination of "unreasonableness, needlessness, unevenness" in daily operation and spare no pains for resource saving and energy saving aiming at environment-friendly working place.
  5. Acquisition of customers' reliability
    Our company ensures the provision of satisfactory and attractive services and safe and good products responding to customers' request.
  6. Establishment of reliability with suppliers
    We manage the information on sales obtained from suppliers strictly not to leak it to external or not to be illegally used in a same way as customer information.
  7. Environment creation for self-realization of employees
    Our company arranges the safe and healthy working environment so that all employees can work with relief and consults on the creation of bright and delightful working place where employees are sufficiently communicated each other.
  8. Understanding and support of capital investor and funder
    Our company makes efforts to become a company trusted by society by continuing polite and healthy corporate management.
  9. Healthy environment with politics and public administration
    We try to keep highly transparent relationship with politicians and civil servants. We do not carry out excessive business entertaining or gift-giving regardless of business or personal affairs.
  10. Care for antisocial forces
    We do not have any relationship with antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order and safety and respond to unreasonable demand in a resolute attitude flat-footedly.