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Information protection policy

TOYO ELECTRONICS Co.,LTD (hereafter, "our company") aims at acquisition of customers' satisfaction and reliability with superior technology, products, and services based on basic management policy. We recognize that it is important to information asset such as protect customers' information, private information, and proprietary information from all kinds of dangers such as fault, accident, disaster, and crime for carrying out continuous and stable business management of our company.

For this reason, we decide the "information security basic policy" as shown below to ensure the information security safely and properly.

  1. We construct the information security management system and carry out operation, maintenance, and improvement.
  2. We make assurance doubly sure for measures for security of information asset and carry out maintenance and improvement of confidentiality, safety, and availability of information asset.
  3. For the private information, we sufficiently recognize the importance of confidentiality and protection and ensure the protection.
  4. We carry out continuous education and enlightenment for maintaining and improving the consciousness of information security of employees and ensure the publicity of information security basic policy.
    All employees in addition to administrators realize the importance of information security and comply with this information security basic policy.
  5. We carry out the risk evaluation of information asset continuously considering the change of social environment etc. and ensure maintenance and improvement of information security by reflecting them to measures.
  6. We carry out the audit periodically for the operation status of information security and take required corrective action to ensure the securement of information security.
  7. We comply with regulations and other rules related to information security.