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Introduction of service by ToyoDenshikogyo Co., Ltd.

Wafer inspection
The test technology we have cultivated for long time is provided with confidence.
  • IC wafer inspection
    (LCD, CCD, microcomputer, analog, 5, 6, 8, 12-inch supported)
  • Inspecting discrete devices
    (power FETs, transistors, SCRs, diodes, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8-inch wafers supported)
Request for high-mix low-volume production is flexibly supported. The works are provided at low cost.
Optical technology
High-quality manufacturing is carried out by integrated manufacture freely using the precision technology we have cultivated.
  • LDM and PDM
  • Box and can types
Software development
We seek the convenience by developing microcomputer system and application.
  • Developing and modifying embedded software
  • Developing applications for various devices
Hardware development
Digital circuit that realizes a wide variety of requests is designed.
  • Developing and modifying embedded hardware
  • System development
  • Testing for EMC evaluation
Ultra-low cost mass-production at our site in Thailand
We will provide the ultra-low-cost line at overseas bases (Thailand).
  • LDM and PDM
  • Box and can types
  • Device assembly