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contact technology

Problems on card

  • If the needle positions of card are misaligned vertically and horizontally, the needles leave traces out of the pad and the needle trace misalignment failure is caused.
  • Excessive application of needle pressure causes the needle trace misalignment failure.
  • It is necessary to detect a card with variety of height.
  • As the card is expensive, extreme enhancement of card's lifetime is requested.

Needle pressure = pressure applied to the needle

For the problem resolution, device management and probe card management are important!

Problems for using a card with variety of height

  1. For a card shown in Figure 1 below, needle pressure is evenly applied to all needles and the status is ideal.
  2. For Figure 2 shown below, if you try to apply pad to all needles, excessive needle pressure is applied to the red needle, so the card is damaged.
fig1 Card without variety of height
As the heights of needles do not vary, the needle pressures are generally even.
fig2 Card with variety of height
As the heights of needles vary, excessive needle pressure is applied.

Management of device

  1. At the groundbreaking, manage the upper limit value of needle pressure which can be set by a worker with a device (soft contact).
  2. If a card has a variety of height, the operation is stopped by the device as an error.
  3. The contact management considering the aging variation due to temperature of probe card is carried out.
  4. For some products, a double-contact is used at the measurement.

Management of probe card

  1. The use limit is decided for each product and the cumulative contact count is managed.
  2. The optimum maintenance is carried out based on the management value of use limit as occasion demands.