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Wafer inspection

As a test house, We provide full use of probe test technology and latest Test Probers Which cultivated for many years and provide the best test solutions that is most suitable For a customer.
In addition, the test techniques that do not hold with us are available by The collaboration with the external partners.
We have absolute confidence in probing and stable technology especially for narrow-pitch products, products that comes with over 1000 pins and the “special probe-card probing” Methods.
And also we have absolute confidence in our clean-room measuring environment.

  We are also able to support requests for in-vehicle products to comply with ISO/TS 16949 (e.g., by drawing up control plans, failure mode and effects analysis, worker education, and work environment management).

Solution business of TOYO ELECTRONICS Co.,LTD

  • The test result will be provided according to a customer's request.
  • The best technology will be provided in a clean environment.
  • A product will be provided with high quality, low price, and short delivery period.
  • We will propose the mass production test to a customer with low-end tester and BOST by applying the system development technology we have cultivated for many years.

Storage in cleanrooms

  • We are able to store your wafers, semiconductor packages, semiconductor equipment, and other items which require storage in a managed level of air cleanliness in our cleanrooms.
  • The storage can be purged by nitrogen.
  • We will provide a wide variety of service in collaboration with semiconductor affiliate companies in Kofu area.