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  • Wafer inspection department
  • Introduction of wafer inspection department
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  • Instantaneous voltage drop compensation device
  • Thunder resistant system

Introduction of wafer inspection department

Test environment

  • Whole surface free access semi down flow
    Cleanliness FED standard class 100
    (actual measurement value 20 pieces/cf 0.5μm)
  • Conductive and static dissipative materials (floor material, various items) are adopted.
  • Clean prober is adopted for LCD.
  • Final test is available for a part of testers (normal temperature / high temperature).

Management of work

  • We tightly manage the number of times anything is in contact, so the probe cards are always kept in the best condition.
  • The probe card is kept to the best status all the time by operation by veteran line worker and thoroughgoing contact count management.
  • An error at the setting is prevented by automatically loading the test program.
  • The thoroughgoing lot management is carried out in each process by using barcodes.
  • The prevention of outflow of wafer out of standard and the check of quality check are enabled by test data automatic judgment system.
  • The electronic data of measurement result will be provided in the format according to the need.
  • The measurement result can be supported by ink mark too.
    Quick-drying and thermosetting inks can be selected.

Enhancement of manufacture management operation

  • Actual performance of groundbreaking, progress, and daily report are delivered.
  • Various types of manufacture actual performance data will be provided. Lead time, tester operating rate, Fail category
  • Management of probe card contact count and report of retention status

Engineering support

  • Early launch of mass-produced product and suggestion of testing stabilization
  • Support when tester model is changed
  • Evaluation for new technology such as narrow pitch LCD driver
  • Evaluation and buildup of process change
  • Provision of product analysis, yield ratio information, and test result information
  • Development of test program
  • Design of probe card
  • Replacement of test programs
  • Shift to multi-cavity and time shortening

For the probe test,
the tip of needle is important

  • high-accuracy needle trace position adjustment and low weight probing minimize the damage to pad / Bump, and probe card. The lifetime of a probe card is extended by optimizing the needle tip cleaning.

Risk management

  • Equipping of site security
  • The equipment is fixed for protecting people and equipment from earthquake.
  • The products and equipment are protected from instantaneous voltage drop at lightening stroke by introducing the instantaneous voltage drop compensation device.
  • We will improve the reliability from customers including information security by actively promoting CSR.
  • A direct lightning stroke is prevented by installing the thunder resistant system to prevent failure of devices and electronic equipment due to surge current.

Measures for natural environment

  • Reduction of air cooling electric power in summer by applying solar heat insulation coating material
  • Reduction of lighting electric power
  • Adoption of solar power generation device
  • Adoption of free cooling, use of external air for cooling in winter


  • AL pad
  • Au Bump
  • Solder ball

・Probe card