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What is wafer inspection?

  • It is the process for identifying conforming goods and defective goods by inspecting the characteristics electrically in wafer status.

1. Items required for wafer inspection

What is a wafer? It is a thinly sliced disk-like plate made of semiconductor used for manufacturing of IC chip.
What is a prober? A wafer prober is connected to a tester. It is the device that contacts a needle to the electrode of IC on a wafer.
What is a tester? It is a device that judges the electric characteristics of a product by inputting an electric signal to IC electrode on a wafer.
What is a probe card? It has a role like a connector that connects an electrode of chip and the measurement device, tester. It is a jig for contacting a needle to the electrode of IC chip.
You can watch the movie of wafer inspection contact operation.
You can watch the movie of wafer inspection contact operation.

Probe card board

Probe card needle tip
Probe card


2. Types of electrodes

  • There are four types of electrodes; aluminum pad, gold bump, solder bump, solder ball according to the specifications of a device.
Aluminum pad

Solder ball         

3. Contact relationship between probe card and wafer

4. Various statuses of probe card

  • If you use a probe card continuously, various problems are generated.
  • If you set proper contact conditions from the status of new product, it can be used up to 2.5 million contacts without problems.