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Various environmental activities

Environmental activities: reduction of used electric power

We reduce the electric power used at semiconductor factory as much as possible.
 Reduction of air-conditioning electric power by applying ceramic heat reflection heat-insulating coating material
The increase of temperature is prevented by high heat reflection to bring out energy-saving effect for air-conditioning electric power by applying the coating with approximately 0.3mm of thickness using a special coating material that contains "hollow ceramic beads" without carrying out a broad construction for existing building or construction. The heat is hardly conducted, so the coating has heat-insulating and heat-retaining characteristics and can prevent dew condensation.

Participated in national convention of energy-saving excellent example
Received the prize of authority of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

[Month and year of construction]
Diode wing April 2002
MOS first period wing April 2004

 Adoption of photovoltaic power generation

Carried out by collaborative research with field test business (electric light system 11kW)
[Month and year of construction] March 2006

 What is free cooling system?

It is the control method that utilizes low-temperature external air in winter as cooling source without using a freezing machine for cooling water for air conditioning. The energy reduction effect for engine of freezing machine can be expected by monitoring the external air condition and switching normal operation and free cooling operation.

[Year and month of construction November 2007]