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Basic information policy

We,TOYO ELECTRONICS Co.,LTD.(hereinafter called 「our company」), are aiming to get the customer's trust and satisfaction with our services, products and excellent techniques based on our management policy. Moreover, We are fully aware of the importance of providing protection of information asset including customer's information, personal information and proprietary information against every threats such as mistake, accident, calamity and crime in order to operate our company continuously and stably. Therefore, we define basic policies on information security to ensure proper and safe information security. 

  1. Information asset management and protection
    Our company will evaluate and analyze all important informations that our company have (include personal information and information on certain individuals) from the viewpoint of confidentiality, safety, and availability, clarify Information security risks of information assets and take control measures to protect the information assets.
  2. Cyber security risk measures
    Our company will take cyber security risk measures and make a contribution to ensure safety of not only our company but also society.
  3. Information security and personal information protection management system
    Our company will set a management system about information security and personal information protection, and ensure that every officers and employees knows and understand. Moreover, we will review the system on a regular basis for continuous improvement.
  4. Information security education
    We will communicate and inform necessities and concrete conditions of information security of our company to all officers and employees and implement education relating to information security on a regular basis. Moreover, we will separately implement company security education for employees engaged in Information security duties.
  5. Information security incident or accident prevention and response
    We will consider about prompt action, prevention and correction and take proper control measures , while considering that information security incident or accident, in some cases, may occurs due to mistakes such as wrong operation or intention of officers and employees who have proper right of usage.
  6. Compliance with law etc.
    All officers and employees of our company will observe the regulations and laws that must be complied with in order to carry out business in accordance with all kind of compliances concerning information security