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  • Wafer inspection
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  • Optical technology
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Introduction of service by ToyoDenshikogyo Co., Ltd.

Wafer inspection
The test technology we have cultivated for long time is provided with confidence.
  • IC wafer inspection
    (LCD, CCD, microcomputer, analog, 5, 6, 8, 12-inch supported)
  • Inspecting discrete devices
    (power FETs, transistors, SCRs, diodes, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8-inch wafers supported)
Assembling work

We do manufacture on assignment covering assembling precision instrument focusing on inspection equipment and semiconductor producing equipment,assembling some parts of device such as unit, and also inspection and shipping as well.

Request for high-mix low-volume production is flexibly supported. The works are provided at low cost.
Optical technology
High-quality manufacturing is carried out by integrated manufacture freely using the precision technology we have cultivated.
  • LDM and PDM
  • Box and can types
Software development
We seek the convenience by developing microcomputer system and application.
  • Developing and modifying embedded software
  • Developing applications for various devices
Hardware development
Digital circuit that realizes a wide variety of requests is designed.
  • Developing and modifying embedded hardware
  • System development
  • Testing for EMC evaluation
Ultra-low cost mass-production at our site in Thailand
We will provide the ultra-low-cost line at overseas bases (Thailand).
  • LDM and PDM
  • Box and can types
  • Device assembly