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Optical technology

Optical technology Characteristics of module assembly / test

We provide highly reliable and quality products such as basic and communication modules. The products require sophisticated and MEMS technology which are obtained by our past experiences through integrated production system from assembly to final testing.

We also propose thorough EMS services including procurement of materials, inventory control, orderly supply, manufacturing and shipments.

<Introduction of products>

  • LDM (Laser Diode Modules)
  • PDM (Photo Diode Modules)
  • For each PKG type
    - BOX type
    - CAN type (TOSA/ROSA)

Equipment environment at factory

  Niigata factory Toyo Electronics(Thailand)Co.,Ltd
Floor space 2,400m2
(960m2Clean room)
Main Factory / 3,500m2
(1,000m2 Clean roomⅠ)
(1,000m2 Clean roomⅡ)
Factory 1 / 1,500m2
(1,000m2 Clean room)
Clean room
(Particle size:0.5μm)
Class: 1,000 Main Factory
/ Clean roomⅠ/ Class:1,000
/ Clean roomⅡ/ Class:100,000
Factory 1 / Class:1,000
Air conditioning equipment management Temperature: 23±3℃
Humidity: 50±10%RH
Static electricity (ESD) management Ionizer installation、List wrap installed
Use a conductive flooring
Static dust-proof clothing, shoes wear